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  • Get the toned and tight upper body that you’ve always wanted with the Flex Shaper. This lightweight and portable training tool will allow you to build lean muscles without bulking.

  • The Flex Shaper uses resistance training and aerobic exercise to work out your chest, back arms, and shoulders, including the biceps and triceps. With the Flex Shaper there is no need for a gym membership and for weights to get into shape.

  • The portable, lightweight and compact Flex Shaper features a sturdy steel construction that is padded for comfort. It works so well because of the dual action, spring flex technology which provides resistance in both directions, when you flex inward and lengthen out. This technology provides resistance through the full range of motion, helping double your workout in just half the time.

  • The Flex Shaper’s quiet compact design makes it easy to carry and use virtually anywhere. It can be used by any age group, gender and those of all fitness levels to help achieve weight loss and muscle toning goals.


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